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At Holistic Beauty we offer a range of treatments including waxing, threading, full body massages, semi perm make-up and specialised facials. Our philosophy is simply that all treatments are centred around you.

Hair removal

We offer a full range of hair removal treatments including leg, back, face and bikini (including Brazilian and Hollywood). We proudly use Lycon, the crème de la crème for hair removal waxes, to provide a gentler experience. We also offer threading, the ancient Indian art for hair removal using cotton thread. Threading is excellent for removing facial hair, especially eyebrows, as it brings an instant lift to the eye area.

Threading at Champagne Beauty
Environ at Champagne Beauty

Environ Facial

Environ’s technologically advanced facial treatments make a real, lasting difference to skin. The Environ Essential Range combines pulsed technology with Environ skin care to deliver what your skin needs most. Our Environ Cool Peel® treatment renews and revives skin and the Environ Focus-On facials have been developed to target specific areas. Perfect for when time is limited.

Facial – Dr Med Green Peel

The Green Peel® facial has been created by Dr. Christine Schrammek, one of the world’s best-known dermatologists and anti-ageing experts. The Green Peel Facial is a herbal deep-peeling skin treatment using only natural plant vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate and unveil new skin in just 5 days. It’s effective for combating fine lines, pigmentation, acne and uneven skin tone.

Facial – Dr Med Green Peel
Facial – Microneedling and Microdermabrasion

Facial – Microneedling and Microdermabrasion

Mesotherapy is an intense skin needling concept in which a cocktail of powerful vitamins is injected into the lower layers of the skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving skin tone. Specific issues such as acne or rosacea can also be treated. Alternatively, Microdermabrasion uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and making skin smooth.

Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-Permanent Make-Up also known as micropigmentation is expertly applied makeup which lasts 24/7. Semi-permanent make-up offers the chance to say goodbye to lengthy make-up routines. We offer services for microblading/nanoblading, permanent eyeliner tattoo, permanent eyebrow tattoo, permanent lip liner, semi-permanent beauty spots plus removal and correction. We pride ourselves on providing the most natural-looking results for our clients.

Semi-permanent make-up


Restore energy, ease tension and treat yourself to a wellbeing boost with a massage personalised to your individual needs. Relax your body and mind with an aromatherapy message using Neals Yard essential oils. Hot stone massage will provide total body relaxation and a deep tissue massage will relieve tension in tense shoulders, knots, aches and pains for total restoration.

Vitamin B12 and D3 Injections

We provide both vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 shots in our salon. Vitamin B12 helps with energy formation, DNA synthesis and the creation of red blood cells and nerve health. Vitamin D injections can boost your health, and could be suitable if you feel run down, have a chronic health condition, gut problems or feel it’s lacking in your lifestyle. Get in touch to find out more.

B12 and D Injection

Gift card

Treat a loved one to a luxurious treatment with Holistic Beauty with one of our Gift Cards. Our Gift Cards can be purchased and redeemed against any of our treatments. Please email or call to purchase a gift card.